MotelMax Series 500

Computer Crash

Computer Crash

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Computer Crash

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My computer or hard drive crashed.  We cannot access the program or data.  What can we do?

First, go to another working computer.

Follow these steps:

1.Install the MotelMax program on the new working computer

2.Enter your MotelMax registration codes from your registration certificate

3.Restore your latest data backup file


In order to prepare for such an occasion, you want to purchase and maintain one or more external hard drives.  (Google: USB EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE - for more details about external hard drives).

Store the following files on an external drive so that these files are not affected by a computer crash.

1.The MotelMax installation program that you downloaded at the time of registration.

2.MotelMax registration codes sent at the time of registration.  Keep a copy of these codes for your records.  You can print the registration certificate or save a copy to a text file and store on an external drive.

3.Latest data backup file.  In site setup, under Preferences select a secondary location where the program automatically sends a copy of each backup file.  This secondary location should be an external drive, for example: F:\MaxBackups