MotelMax Series 500

Data Backups

Data Backups

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Data Backups

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Save data backup files to one or more USB external drives.


If you do not save data backups to an external drive and the PC drive fails, data files are most likely lost.


A PC technician might be able to recover the data from the damaged drive.  However, the recovery cost  is much greater than the purchase of a USB external drive - even two USB drives.



The program automatically saves backup zip files to the folder: C:\Maxwin\Save


Copy this folder from the main PC to the USB external drive on a regular basis.


In the event of a crash on the main PC, the latest program data is available from the USB external drive.  Restore the latest backup file and bring the program up to date.




Caution - do not rely on your working PC drive as a safe location to save:


the registration form

data backups

the program installation file


PC disk drives are subject to failure and loss of data.


Always save copies to an external drive and store the external drive in a safe location.