MotelMax Series 500

Registration Codes

Registration Codes

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Registration Codes

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Be sure to maintain copies of the registration form which includes the registration codes and download instructions.



A registration form containing the valid registration codes for operating the program are sent by email at the time of purchase.  The registration form email also contains instructions on how to download the program.



Be sure to make copies of the registration form for future use:


1.Print the registration form multiple times and store the copies in different, secure locations.


2.Use Windows Notepad to save the registration form to a text file.  Make several copies of the text file and store these copies in different, secure locations, for example: USB external hard drive, USB stick drive, diskette, CD ROM.


3.Always keep a copy of the registration form on a USB stick drive that contains other similar important data and can be carried with you.



Caution - do not rely on your working PC drive as a safe location to save:


the registration form

data backups

the program installation file


PC disk drives are subject to failure and loss of data.


Always save copies to an external drive and store the external drive in a safe location!