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Update MotelMax

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Update MotelMax

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I am a registered user of MotelMax v5.10.  There is an updated version, v5.15, on the website.  How can I update my current version of MotelMax v5.10 to v5.15?


If you are a registered user of MotelMax Series 500, you are entitled to free updates for any new version of MotelMax with a version number of 5.xx.

For the purpose of these instructions, we assume your current version of MotelMax is installed in the default installation directory or folder:  C:\Maxwin.


Before you begin.  Close MotelMax.  You cannot install the update if MotelMax is running on your local PC.  Also, make a backup of your current MotelMax folder.


Updating your MotelMax program is a two step process:


1.  Download the update/installation program from the website and <Save> it to your local C: drive.

2.  Run the update/installation program (from your local C: drive).


Follow these steps:

Step 1.

1.1  Download the latest version of MotelMax from the website.

1.2  Select the <Save> option to save the update/installation program to your local hard drive.

1.3  Do not select <Open> to open the file on the internet.  You cannot run the update/installation program from the internet.

1.4  We recommend downloading to a folder like C:\Download on your local <C> drive.


Step 2.

2.1  Launch the Windows Explore program and locate the downloaded file now located in your local folder:  C:\Download\

2.2  Double-click on the file to view the zip file contents.  The zip file contains one file with an exe extention: MotelMax_5xx.exe.  Click on that exe file to start the MotelMax update/installation program.

2.3  Install this new version of MotelMax in the same directory or folder as your existing version of the program.  In this example, you want to install the program in the C:\Maxwin folder since that is where the existing version of MotelMax is installed.  In fact, this is the default installation folder, so simply answer "Yes" to all questions during the installation wizard.


Please note.  The installation program only installs the new MotelMax program engine into the installation folder. It will not overwrite or delete any of your existing MotelMax data files.

When you start this new version of MotelMax for the first time, it automatically verifies all data files and indexes and copies data for reservations and guests from the old version of the program to the new version.

You can repeat this update process for each new version of MotelMax numbered 5.xx. When a new MotelMax series is released, for example, series 600, it is necessary then to purchase a new MotelMax registration code for the new series.

If you install MotelMax Series 500 over an earlier series (300 or 400), the program reverts to the Evaluation Version. You have to purchase a series 500 registration code to update to any version 5.xx.

Installing MotelMax Series 500 over Series 300 or 400 will not harm the MotelMax data files.