MotelMax Series 500

Web Reservations

Web Reservations

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Web Reservations

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MotelMax can interface with an internet reservation request form. Reservation requests entered into the web form can be downloaded directly into the MotelMax reservation grid.

From your website, provide a link to our web request form.

A guest completes all the information in the web form including arrival date, number of nights, number of persons, room type, etc.

When the form is submitted an email with all the web reservation request details is sent to your email address.

The same data is saved and can be download directly to the MotelMax reservation grid.

Review the details of the reservation request and confirm or refuse the request.

For confirmations, send the guest a confirmation email.

Or contact the guest by phone or email using contact information provided in the web request form to gather additional information to complete the request.

The web request form contains field validation to ensure the guest provides at least enough information to complete the reservation request.

The web request form can process many reservations in a very short period.  Never re-key information because it is loaded directly to your data files from the request form.

The web request form is an add-on option, however, a web request form is provided free to users with an active annual tech support contract.