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Web Reservations

Web Reservations

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Web Reservations

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MotelMax Pro can interface with our online web reservation system. Reservation requests received on the website can be downloaded directly into the MotelMax reservation grid.

From your website, provide a link to our web reservation system.

Upload your site setup information and availability data to our dedicated server.

Guests can select and book a unit by unit number or by unit type. Choose the booking method you prefer.

A guest fills-in and submits a reservation request on a web request form, using our secure server.

A copy of the request is emailed to the guest as a confirmation that the request has been sent.

Another email copy of the reservation request is sent to the front desk reservation operators.

Request details are also imported by the program and loaded directly into the reservation grid - no double-entry!

Availability records on the web site are updated immediately to prevent another guest from booking the same unit.

An operator confirms the availability and rate then sends an email confirmation.

Update the web site with availability data anytime during the day by pressing a single button.

Download reservation request data at any time by pressing a single button.

You can upload your availability data to the web site as often as needed and download web reservation requests at anytime. It's like having a trained reservation operator 24-7.